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“Flint  has a rich history resonating industry and vision. My desire  and the heartbeat of "My Exceptionality" is to do the same; To embody the heart of industry and vision  and empower communities of individuals to find the glory of their uniqueness, and return this radiance to the  larger community​." 

Safety or Growth

Dependence or Independence

Regression or Progression

Immaturity or Maturity

"My Exceptionality" Consulting began in 2013 in the city of Flint, Michigan. In the midst of a major transition from a strong auto manufacturing hub, into the yet to be determined future, plans are being made by civic and business leaders to establish a new direction for this struggling city. The heart of "My Exceptionality's" founder is to provide an avenue for it's people to embrace this time of upheaval and transition and embark on their own personal journey towards change and uniqueness, to unearth, embrace and celebrate the treasure of their "Exceptionality"! 

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