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Bryan L. Spencer, MHSA, CPS

Founder & President, Consultant, Author​

 Bryan Spencer was born in the city of Flint and is a graduate of the University of Michigan - Flint. He earned his masters degree from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His degree area is in Health Administration, and he is also certified as a Diabetes Prevention Program facilitator and a Prevention Specialist.

Bryan currently mentors and works in programs to enhance the lives and futures of children, adolescents, teens, adults, and families in the Flint area.

Bryan has 12 years of experience on boards and community task forces. He has a varied background as an environmental analyst, healthcare researcher, clinic administrator, university professor, marketing director, project manager, community health worker and accounts manager. He credits this wide range of experiences as a major backdrop in his understanding of the value of community and the worth of every individual.

 Mr. Spencer is the founder and president of "My Exceptionality" Consulting. He states that “The heart of ‘My Exceptionality’ is to aid clients in the embracing of, and embarking on their own personal journey towards change and uniqueness; unearthing, embracing, learning of, and celebrating the treasure of their exceptional selves”.

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